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Proburst L-Carnitine Tabs

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Shred that excess fat and get that toned and ripped body you have always wanted with our safe and effective L-Carnitine tabs.
No frills and fuss, Proburst L-Carnitine tabs contain just pure l-carnitine for fast fat burning.

 L-carnitine’s function is to transport fatty acids to your cells.

Your cells then burn these fatty acids to use as fuel for the body.
If you want to tone down quickly without going on a crash diet, L-carnitine is for you. It supports fat metabolism and so your inner toned self can emerge.

 Tone down faster when your body uses its stored fat as fuel.

You don’t need to wait for months and years to see yourself as toned.
Proburst L-carnitine tabs stimulate fat metabolism in the body which helps you shred excess fat faster than other supplements.

Shreds all the excess fat in your body.

Keep burning fat in the long term as your body’s fat metabolism improves.
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Our product works by improving the body’s ability to metabolize fat, which in turn provides your cells with more energy and keeps your weight at an optimum level.



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