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Proburst Cgt With Electrolytes

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  • Helps you build power, stamina, shape & size
  • Supports muscle gain
  • Increases cell volumization & protein synthesis.
  • Contains electrolytes to keep you hydrated & prevent dehydration.
  • Perfect blend of CGT with electrolytes meets the purpose of 2 products & is not offered by any other brand.
  • Contains a blend of Creatine, L-Glutamine, L-Taurine & essential salts
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Proburst CGT combines the power of 4 excellent ingredients to help you excel in your bodybuilding efforts for visible and long-lasting effects.

Creatine, glutamine and taurine come together in a powerful blend to give you the best benefits for bodybuilding.
1.Creatine supports muscle function and helps them produce more energy.
2.Glutamine improves recovery after a tough workout and lessens fatigue.
3.Taurine supports the central nervous system and several important functions in the body.

For those looking to improve their endurance and energy, especially sportspersons, Proburst CGT has the perfect formulation.
1.Increase your endurance and feel more energetic with Proburst CGT.
2.It especially supports the high intensity requirements of sportspersons.

Other products may only contain one or two, but with Proburst CGT, you get the combined benefit of 4 powerful ingredients in one single product.

1.Why settle for only one or two?
2.Get the power of 4 to boost your training to the next level.

You get the right blend of ingredients for building more muscle through protein synthesis while also giving you more power, better performance and better post workout recovery.

1.Quickly recover from your tough workouts and experience less muscle soreness.
2.See a visible improvement in strength and overall performance during training.
3.Regular usage feeds the muscles and supports muscle gain.
4.Cell volumization is improved through CGT with helps in creating protein for your muscles.


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