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Proburst Bcaa Supreme

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  • Improves muscle recovery & glucose tolerance
  • Reduces post workout muscle soreness.
  • Helps the body to maintain its anti catabolic stage.
  • Gives more amino acids.
  • Contains a supreme blend of BCAA, L-Glutamine, L-Citrulline, Taurine, Vitis Vinifera extract, Piper Nigrum extract & Vitamin B6.
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The supreme formulation of Proburst BCAA Supreme gives you even more amino acids to reduce fatigue and soreness, so you can make your workout supremely effective.

Containing natural extracts of piper nigrum (black pepper) and vitis vinifera (grape seed) along with BCAAs, Proburst BCAA Supreme is formulated to improve metabolism and enhance recovery.

Our supreme formulation comes in a variety of delicious flavours and contains more amino acids per serving than any other supplement in the market.

With regular use of Proburst BCAA Supreme, your glucose tolerance and muscle recovery shows significant improvement while also reducing post workout muscle soreness.
1. Improve your glucose tolerance with our special formulation.
2. Recover faster from tough training sessions and intense activity.
3. Feel less muscle soreness after workout and train harder than ever before.

Our products and manufacturing plant have been certified for top notch hygiene and quality. We are USFDA approved, Halal certified, NSF International certified, Kosher certified, and FSSAI approved.


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