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Proburst Bcaa

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• International quality raw material
• More servings
• No fillers
• Pharma grade amino acids

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When you want to keep the intensity going for your workout, you need the power of Branched-Chain Amino Acids to power up your muscles.

Containing mainly the three essential BCAAs with no extra fillers, Proburst BCAA is your ticket to a powerful workout.

Proburst BCAA is ideal for all kinds of sportspersons who undergo intense training.

We do not use any artificial flavours so you only get an all natural taste and we have formulated our product to suit the Indian body type.

BCAAs are a free form of protein that helps in the anabolism process, which is the creation of complex molecules which can then be metabolized for energy.

Proburst BCAAs come in delicious flavours without unnecessary fillers. We use only the best international quality pharma grade amino acids. You even get more servings per pack!


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