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Proathlix L-Carnitine Max 60N

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Proathlix L-Carnitine Max Flavor contains 500mg of l-carnitine that helps in increase in your strength during exercise and improves recovery post-exercise. L-Carnitine is best fat burner supplement. It sends stored body fat to muscle where it can be burned as energy during exercise. L-Carnitine supplement is one of the best ways to support exercise performance. It’s important during intense exercise as it helps to reduce post-exercise lactic acid accumulation and increase performance. Our product is 100% veg and free from sugar, fat, MUFA and PUFA. This is 100% authentic product. One bottle contains 60 capsules so that you get value for money.

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Product Overview

Proathlix L-carnitine tablets amplify the effects of your rigorous training sessions, especially those aimed at fat loss to give you the physique you aim for.

Our capsules are developed from pure L-Carnitine which boosts the process of fat metabolism to power your workouts optimally. It also adds that extra 'pump' by transporting nutrient-rich blood to your muscles and increasing the production of Nitrous Oxide.

When you want to outlast stamina and build strength to never stop upping your game, Proathlix L-Carnitine supplement tablets give you quicker muscle recovery and preps you for that extra push for a long-lasting workout.

Why Proathlix L Carnitine is different from others:

  1. Proathlix L-Carnitine capsules contain 500 mg of L-Carnitine per serving which boosts fat metabolism to power your workouts
  2. Our capsules are manufactured from L-Carnitine sourced from clean and pure sources without any additives.
  3. Proathlix L-Carnitine adds that extra muscle pump by boosting the body's Nitrous Oxide production
  4. It's tested formula is gluten-free and sugar-free

Proathlix L-Carnitine Supplement Nutrition Facts


How to Use

Take 1 tablet of Proathlix L-Carnitine with the heaviest meal of the day which has at least 30-40 grams of carbs (lunch or Dinner).

You can also combine it with a pre or post-workout meal for best results. It is best taken with a healthy balanced diet and a disciplined exercise regime. Consult a nutritionist or your dietician if you have been using any other supplements.


L-Carnitine (50%), Glycerine, HPMC Capsule, No artificial colors, Flavours or Preservative Added

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