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BigFlex EAA [Essential Amino Acids] During/Post Workout Supplement [Green Mango Flavour] - 450 gm |30 serving|Bigflex Shaker FREE

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BigFlex EAA contains essential amino acids, Such as BCAAs.
OUR BODY CANNOT MAKE ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDs. This supplement is taken in order to boost muscle growth and enhance exercise performance. Added Coconut Water Powder and Pink Salt ,The ELECTROLYTES complex for better hydration.L-theanine for better focus. It is one of the best EAA formula With 3 delicious flavour, Watermelon, Green Mango & Berry Fusion.
Bigflex EAA's makes you go that extra mile.

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Know Your Product EAA
WHAT IS EAA: EAA Contained full spectrum 9 essential amino acids
WHEN TO TAKE: Pre/Intra/Post workout
WHY WHEY: EAA can help to prevent muscle low, improve muscle strength and protein absorption.

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